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  Wednesday 19 February 1997 14:20:18  
Administrator   Administrator
Siro Massaria,Aleph Integration   Siro Massaria,Aleph Integration
Jean-Claude Morel,SoftArc Online   Jean-Claude Morel,SoftArc Online
Allan Levson,SoftArc Online   Allan Levson,SoftArc Online

Fwd(3): SoftArc InsideOut-18th February, 1997

Parlano di noi   Parlano di noi

InsideOut - Tuesday, February 18th, 1997.
SoftArc's Web Site Enhanced ... FirstClass In The Virtual Community ... and Works With FirstClass Product Update

Written by: Betty-Anne Cupid and Trini McGowan
Edited by: Allan Levson


SoftArc's Web site ( has undergone a major facelift. The site now contains five times more content than before and boasts a brand new graphical look. New content on the site includes FirstClass case studies detailing "real world" success stories, comprehensive competitive comparisons, and a "virtual press room". SoftArc's Web site is now an even better source of information about SoftArc, FirstClass, and the messaging industry. Enhancements to the site are ongoing and future plans include online access to databases and search engines, so keep checking back. If you have feedback or ideas for the site, please  send a message to

SoftArc will be exhibiting at the New Frontiers conference in Toronto this week. This is the second show in a Canada-wide tour that began last week in Montreal. SoftArc's demonstration of the FC 97 features at the Montreal show was a solid success. The Toronto show is being held on February 20 and 21 at the Inn on the Park and is expected to attract hundreds of educators looking for the latest IT tools.

Developer Relations

Here's an up-to-date list of products from SoftArc Development Parters that have received the "Works with FirstClass" rating. More information about these products can be found in the Third Party products conference on SoftArc Online and at SoftArc's Web site.

Internet Gateways                            Serial Cards
• ExpressNet/SMTP                            • Hurdler
• Hologate UUCP                      • Fenris PCI card
• Hologate SMTP                      • Smart Serial 6
• NASTA Gate                                • Digiboard

Other Gateways                       Encryption
• fcCustodian                               • ViaCrypt PGP
• FC Web
• FC Sniffer                                Customized FCPOs
• GateWay Pro FC/QM                   • Virtual School

Database Extensions                          Client Customization
• FirstConnect/ODBC                          • FirstClass Retriever+
• FirstConnect/DAL                           • OneClick

SoftArc International
FirstClass is becoming the chosen communications solution for a number of very large community networks on the European front. Among the more prominent of these is the Milan Civic Network (RCM). With more than 4000 officially registered users and a monthly growth rate of more than 220 new logins, The RCM is the largest community network in Italy. The RCM was inaugurated in September, 1994 at the Civic Networking Laboratory of the Computer Science Department of the State University of Milan.

The purpose of offering RCM to the public was twofold: two-way communication and user-provided content. It is important for every on-line citizen to feel committed to sharing with others the information at his or her disposal. RCM's logo, "You are the network", which appears on every RCM desktop, emphasizes this focus to the network's users.

In addition to private citizens, various organizations are active on RCM, including non-profit groups, government bodies, and companies. There are currently more than 400 conferences on RCM, which are subdivided by topic. When a substantial number of users show interest in (and willingness to contribute to) a new conference, the person who proposed the conference becomes its moderator. Once the new conference is opened, it is placed in the topical area closest to its theme, so as to create a virtual city in which navigation is easy.

Thanks to FirstClass, RCM members benefit from e-mail (both local and Internet), public discussion areas, upload/download (of text, images, and sounds), and online chatting. These features together enable members to communicate with each other and access information provided by other members, public Institutions, local associations, and companies. RCM also offers outward links to the Internet and to OneNet, which also runs on FirstClass software.


The offsite training course in Santa Clara, California is coming up fast. This is one of only two courses being held in California this year. If you know of anyone in the area interested in FirstClass Administrator Training or FirstClass Designer Training, please have them call 905-415-7000 or send e-mail to SoftArc Training on SoftArc Online or to via the Internet. The Administrator course is being held on March 3 and 4. The optional FirstClass Designer training course takes place on March 5.

That's it for this week!

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