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  Wednesday 30 August 2000 15:13:05  
Sergio Chiodo   Sergio Chiodo

Fwd: Link to ICBL SMSP section

Fiori non mine   Fiori non mine
Dear Landmine Webmasters,

You receive this e-mail since you are being listed as the contact for one or more links in the ICBL Landmine Links (

In connection with the Second Meeting of States Parties to the Mine Ban Treaty (11-15 September 2000) the ICBL calls for support from all websites concerned with the landmines ban.
We've created a special section on the ICBL website that will collect updated and
useful information about the meeting plus it presents the George Gittoes exhibition "Minefields". See

To have as many people as possible find this information we request of you that if possible to put up a link from your website to the ICBL SMSP page. From now on and until one week after the meeting is over (22 September). We've created a button that you can use for this purpose - in three different sizes.
The code for including this button and link on your page follows
(if your browser views HTML you might only see the image here and not the code - chose to view source to get the code to place on your page):

<!-- Start ICBL SMSP button -->
<a href="" target="_top"><img border=0
<!-- End ICBL SMSP button -->

The images can be found as follows - if you want smaller or bigger use one of the other links below: - medium size (the one used above) - big size - small size

Thanks for doing this. Be aware that posting this will probably both increase visits to your site as well as the SMSP site since people
then see that you also update your site every now and then with important events.

If you know of others that might be interested in posting a link on their website please forward this message to them.

For questions please write me at

Thanks again!
Kjell Knudsen
ICBL Webmaster

We hope this e-mail is not felt to be an intrusion and we assure you that we will very seldom use your address and NEVER give away the address to any third party.

Should you however want to make sure to not receive similar messages in the future please contact the webmaster.

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