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  Monday 16 September 2002 15:58:19  
Sergio Chiodo   Sergio Chiodo

fwd: Minesweeper

Fiori non mine   Fiori non mine
Hello Sergio,

I truely understand and encourage your involvment against the mine fields and the disasters they can do, but your willingness to delete the Minesweeper program from any computer is ridiculous.

The replacement of the program by another one called "WinFlower" is even more dangerous. The action of the game is exactly the same, but now it is hidden under a "nicer" name.

According to your apparent involvment, I would rather insist that anyone must play the Minsweeper game. At least the players will - from time to time - think about the children and people in general who must face this danger everyday of their real life.

I admire your willingness to do something against mine fields but let me tell you that the way you chose to do it publicly on the internet is, to my eyes, a very bad way to do it. I would rather suggest you to contact Microsoft and ask them to add a feature in their game to link to a website like this one :


A Minesweeper player

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