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  Monday 25 June 2001 14:13:50  
Sergio Chiodo   Sergio Chiodo

Fwd: Are you kidding?!!

Fiori non mine   Fiori non mine
body.htm  body.htm 2K

Are you kidding?  Offended over Microsoft's minesweeper game?  I cannot believe how offend everyone seems to be these days over EVERYTHING!  There is a cause for just about anything you can imagine!  You have an entire website devoted to nothing!  Imagine if you spent all the time wasted on being offended over a silly game on something worth while!  You could actually make a difference in this world.  It seems, our society is continuing to sink to new lows.  It is all about ME and what I do for ME and how I feel.  Such a selfish attitude exists today in people that it is sad.  

Who in the hell cares!  I hope MS installs the minesweeper game in MS XP just because your cause is sooooooooo rediculous.  


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