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  Monday 25 June 2001 14:18:40  
Sergio Chiodo   Sergio Chiodo

Fwd: winflower

Fiori non mine   Fiori non mine
Good idea about stopping the use of anti-personnel
mines. But unfortunately your replacement for winmine,
winflower is a rather crappy game interface wise. The
timer stuff is probably not that hard to implement or
steal from some where and hack to be suitable. The
ability to change board size would be nice. The
ability to right click and mark "flowers" would be
good. Why flowers anyway... why not puppies or people
or buried survival items needed to survive or.....
something else more useful to find than flowers....
Anyway what you are locating is not all that important
I guess.. My over all complaint is that the quality of
the game play is far outclassed by winmine the program
you hope to replace... if you want people to use your
game you will have to make it better than winmine in
some way. Right now it is just
a clone and a very bad one at that.

Sorry to rip on you and your program like this, but if
you hope to get people to choose it as a free
alternative to winmine then it has to be at least as
good. An improvement to it might be for it to include
some educational/informational statistics that would
help get people involved in the real cause. Stopping
the production of anti-personnel mines and getting the
planted ones removed. If you program in some way
educated and enticed children to want to become "mine
sweepers" that might be of a big help to the cause
considering the large quantity of land mines that need

Thanks for your time and good luck on your mission.


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