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  Friday 23 November 2001 22:28:30  
Sergio Chiodo   Sergio Chiodo

Siamo su Backwash

Fiori non mine   Fiori non mine
Dobbiamo aspettarci nuove invasioni di messaggi?
Ho ricevuto questa mail, che vi giro

Congratulations! Your content has been recommended by!

The content appears on the page titled: "There Is No Spoon" and reads as follows:
                                   "Ban Windows Minesweeper!"
   "Winmine is that game loaded onto your computer that comes with Microsoft’s Windows program. Sergio takes personal
  offense to the game, claiming it is offensive to the victims of mines, and requests your help to get it banned. Just sign here…"

Backwash is a community of independent columnists who recommend the best content on the net. You can reach the columnist
responsible for recommending your content at

Recommended content appears on at least one member's page and may also appear on any of our Personality Channels, the
Daily Top 25 Chart and the Weekly Top 40 Chart which is e-mailed to a large and fast-growing number of people, including
many journalists who use the Top 40 Chart as a valuable resource for keeping their hands on the pulse of popular culture. In
addition, our recommended links are syndicated to thousands of other websites looking to add related content feeds to their
sites. As a result, getting recommended can lead to significant visibility of your site's content. Backwash is the only Internet
company that provides non-news related webfeeds, or what we call "Content Feeds" consisting of links to the best content on
the Internet - from articles to MP3s to Streaming Video to Live Chat Events to Downloads and much, much more.

If you have other content which you feel is of similar caliber, we strongly encourage you to submit it to us at Submitting specific content to us on a regular basis can lead to a steady stream of
traffic from Backwash users. Sites that either post any backwash graphic hyperlinked to us (available at or else simply provide a text link to us receive priority review.

We offer two types of graphic links to Backwash for your use. The first is part of our "Discuss This Content" feature. All
content recommended by Backwash gets its own message board for people to discuss that specific content. This is a great
resource to allow you to get invaluable feedback on your content and an excellent opportunity for you to add free functionality
to your site by allowing your users to discuss your content. In the near future, we will be making admin capabilities of these
message boards available to the webmasters responsible for the content. We have attached the graphic below, along with the
URL to the page hosting the Content Discussion Message Board for the link described at the top of this email. You should post
this graphic on the same page as the content specified.

Here is the URL for your content's message board:

In addition, you are now also now authorized to post the more general "Backwash Approved" graphic on your site. This is an
excellent graphic to post on your home page to let your visitors know you've received the Backwash Seal of Approval from
our Internet Community.

Hundreds of thousands of people look to Backwash as the arbiters of taste as their personal information filters for the best
specific content on the Internet, and we thank you for providing such great content.

David Ring

PS If your content makes it onto our Weekly Top 40 chart, we will notify you with another email which will also provide the
average rating it received from our audience.

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