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  Friday 28 June 2002 22:40:46  
Sergio Chiodo   Sergio Chiodo

Fwd: anti-Microsoft

Fiori non mine   Fiori non mine
Ho ricevuto questo riconoscimento, che vi giro.
Se cercate il nostro sito, e sotto la lettera I (International campain to ban winmine)



    Congratulations! Your anti-Microsoft Web site has been added to The
MSBC Superlist of anti-Ms Sites at . Our
Superlist is the most popular destination for people searching for
Microsoft information because it's been the largest Web directory of
anti-Ms material since 1997 and now has more than 250 links plus a
directory of Usenet forums and a random link generator. Since we created
the list to bring attention on lesser-known anti-Microsoft sites,there's
no discrimination - every site gets listed in alphabetical order. Sites
on the Superlist are then eligible to become MSBC Superlist Superpick
sites, with a prominent link placed on the home page.
    This is a free service and we don't even require you to reply to this
message for your site to be added. In fact, your site is already listed
in our directory and will remain there as long as it exists. We don't
require a reciprocal link on your site, but if you would like to link
back to the Superlist, please use the logo located at .

    Thank you for helping us in the battle to return REAL choice to the
computer industry.

======== Paul Rickard, Editor of The Microsoft Boycott Campaign =======
--------------------------------[ Http:// ]-----------

  "In Microsoft world, you are always one click away from harming
   yourself." -Elias Levy, BUGTRAQ mailing list moderator.

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