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  Monday 21 July 2003 21:39:10  
Amoha Danani   Amoha Danani

Diniego dell'Olocausto

Israele   Israele
Post Holocaust and Anti-Sem.pdf  Post Holocaust and Anti-Sem.pdf 49K
Post Holocaust and Anti-Sem.doc  Post Holocaust and Anti-Sem.doc 33K
Riceviamo dal Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (vedere inoltre allegato, presentato in formato PDF e Word):

July 2003
Attached please find a copy of the eleventh issue of the
Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs’ publication, Post-Holocaust and Anti-Semitism. It is devoted to an interview with Deborah Lipstadt on “Denial of the Holocaust and Immoral Equivalence”
Previous issues can be viewed on the JCPA’s website: (in the section Post Holocaust and anti-Semitism).
Planned issues include:
· Manfred Gerstenfeld, “The Academic Boycott of Israel and How to Fight it.”
· Abraham Foxman, “The Resuscitation of Anti-Semitism.”
· Sidney Zabludoff, “How Much was Stolen from the Jews in the Holocaust and How Much was Restituted?”
· Karl Pfeifer, “Anti-Semitism in Austria.”
Post Holocaust and Anti-Semitism addresses subjects including Holocaust Restitution, Shoah Memory and Education, Past and Present acts of Persecution against World Jewry, and anti-Jewish and anti-Israel boycotts as well as the negative portrayal of Israel in the media.
A printed copy is available at an annual fee of $30 (NIS 75) for individuals, $40 (NIS 100) for organizations. If you wish to subscribe for these, please e-mail a reply requesting such along with your mailing address.
Please feel free to forward this e-mail to anyone who might be interested.
Yours sincerely,
Dore Gold Manfred Gerstenfeld Co-Publisher Co-Publisher

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