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  Saturday 1 February 2003 00:24:25  
Maurizio Rotaris   Maurizio Rotaris

Olocausto in inglese

Israele   Israele

- A healing resource for Holocaust survivors and their decendants. America and the Holocaust - Examines the complex social and political factors that led the American government to ignore the Jewish victims of the Holocaust until 1944. Anti-Semitism and Holocaust - Extensive directory of sites on anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism, the Holocaust, Holocaust denial, and related topics. The Avalon Project - Supporting documents for the Nuremberg War Crimes Trial. The Beth Shalom Web Centre - The Holocaust Web Centre, Beth Shalom, a collection of Holocaust-related sites, including a web-based introduction for school pupils at Cassiopaea - Jews - Satirical dialogue about the Holocaust and anti-Semitism, written by Laura Knight-Jadczyk. A Challenge to David Irving - Dedicated to criticizing the statements made by David Irving. Christian Holocaust - Facts, figures, documents and testimony by high ranking Nazis officers and otherson the extermination of Christians during the Second World War. CIVS : Commission for the Compensation of Victims of Spoliation - Commission reviews claims for compensation for damages caused by the Nazis or the government of Occupied France. Courage to Care Exhibition - Traveling educational exhibition in Australia dedicated to those who had the Courage to Care for those being persecuted during the Holocaust. Fact sheets, events calendar. Cybrary of the Holocaust - Forum for Holocaust survivors and their descendants, to promote remembrance. Divided Lives - Untold stories of Jewish-Christian women in Nazi Germany. A commercial site providing excerpts and ordering information. The Einsatzgruppen - The history of the SS Einsatzgruppen through photos, documents, and perpetrator and victim testimonies. Gedenkstaetten fuer NS-Opfer in Deutschland - Details of memorials for the victims of Nazism. In English and German. Guide to Online Resources on Holocaust Era Assets - Lists names of potential owners of Holocaust era assets. Gulag and Holocaust Memoir - A journey through prisons and camps where millions died, in search of loved ones. Hogan's Heroes and the Holocaust - A paper that explores the connection between the popular TV sitcom and the historical event. 4Holocaust - Holocaust and World War Two-related links from Holocaust - Articles, email newsletter, online discussion and links selected by an guide. The Holocaust - Informational site about the Holocaust in Germany during WWII. Holocaust Aftermath - Dedicated to Holocaust survivors. Provides personal accounts,photographs from the camps, message board, and suggested readings. The Holocaust Chronicle - Companion site to the not-for-profit book. Holocaust Essays By Louis Bulow - Stories of Auschwitz and biographies of the major names of the time. Holocaust Forgotten - Focuses on non-Jewish and Polish victims of the Holocaust: photos and survivor stories. The Holocaust Kid - A collection of stories by Sonia Pilcer that explore the psychological issues of being a child of Holocaust survivors. Holocaust Links - Directory of websites providing information, literature, lesson plans, organizations, memorabilia, resistance, and other topics related to the Nazi genocide. Holocaust Memorial at MELRC - A virtual memorial to the holocaust, with links to other holocaust sites. Holocaust Memorial Center - Documents the horror of the period and the rich culture and history that was lost. Holocaust Memories - Dedicated to keeping the memories alive, to remind us to not let this happen again. Information, photographs, poetry and links. Holocaust Rescue Efforts - Describes effort to purchase the freedom of some Jews from Nazi Germany, an effort that failed because the money was not raised in time. Holocaust Research Resources - Annotated links and original material on the Holocaust. Holocaust Studies at - Introduction to the Holocaust and related issues. Holocaust Understanding and Prevention - Links and articles on the causes of the Holocaust and the behavior of the perpetrators, victims and the bystanders. The Holocaust World Resource Center - An international center for Holocaust resources; presents stories, articles, and resources on the Holocaust and Eastern European Jewry. Humor as a Defense Mechanism in the Holocaust - Thesis of Chaya Ostrower at Tel-aviv university on the humor of people suffering in the Holocaust and what functions it served. Jay Shalmoni Memorial Holocaust Arts and Writing Contest - Dedicated to putting together teens with living holocaust witnesses. JSource on the Holocaust - An online encyclopedia covering anti-Semitism to Zionism. Links to the Holocaust - Subject directory on Holocaust-related topics such as art, audio, video, camps, children, denial, discussion groups, eye witness testimony, ghettos, restitution, recovery, teaching resources, remembering survivors, time line, war criminals. March of Remembrance and Hope - Student's account of visiting Holocaust sites as part of this event. Includes history and photographs. Meyer's Holocaust Links - Extensive listing of Holocaust/Shoah links from all over the world. A Miracle in Denmark - The rescue of the Danish Jews is an inspiring story: almost the entire Jewish population survived Hitler's death camps. Mr. Heitmann's Holocaust Page - Comprehensive collection of links, collected by an American schoolteacher. Museum of Tolerance - Museum focusing on racism in America and the history of the Holocaust. Natanson Memorial - A simple but moving Holocaust memorial page. Nordhausen - The story of the liberator of Nordhausen's Mittelbau Dora concentration camp. Online History Project - The effect of the horrors of the holocaust on child victims. - Providing remembrance art depicting the Holocaust, Nazis, Anne Frank, and righteous Christians. Rescuers Portraits of Moral Courage in the Holocaust - Interviews with and portraits of people who rescued Jews from the Nazis; includes maps, historic images and essays on courage and altruism. Research and Study Center for Holocaust Education - Educational projects and programmes in today's Germany. Resistance - Overview of several areas of resistance activities to Nazism and the Holocaust, in Eastern Europe and by Jews in the concentration camps as well as in Germany. Schindler Survivors - Of those who perished - and the few who survived ... Storojinet Memorial Web Page - Read the story of Storojinet jews and the Rigler family during the war. Includes pictures from the modern city. A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust - A Teacher's Guide offers an overview of the people and events of the Holocaust. Extensive teacher resources are included. The Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust - An overview of the people and events of the Holocaust. Teaching the Holocaust - Memorial to the Holocaust that teaches children about the topic using stamps, pictures, text and paintings. In English and Hebrew. Terezin Initiative Institute - Information on the Terezin (Theresienstadt) concentration camp in Bohemia and Moravia. Includes documents, studies, publications, library, and database of prisoners. Also in Czech and Dutch. Voices of the Holocaust - Interviews conducted in 1946 in displaced persons camps around Europe and transscribed into English. Witness to the Holocaust - Transcripts of camp liberators, brief histories, photographs and digital videos. Women and the Holocaust - Offers a collection of articles, reviews, essays, and testimonials about and by female victims of the Holocaust. Yad Vashem Charitable Trust UK - The Yad Vashem Charitable Trust UK (London) promotes Holocaust awareness. It organises events related to the Holocaust, holds public lectures and promotes publications. Zachor - A collection of links to Holocaust sites, arranged by category. Holocaust - Holocaust education and rememberance site with information on museums, history and the concentration camps.

Maurizio Rotaris

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