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Quest chi son mi!
Welcome to 
Roberto Waha's

Let me introduce myself.
My name is Roberto Waha
Stemma di Milano
and I come from the wonderful
(maybe because I live and I was born here!)
city of Milan
Logo del DICO
I study Computer science at the
Computer Science and Communication Dept.,
Universita'  degli Studi (Statale)
of Milan State University
with a lot of FRIENDS.

 University fees are very expensive here, then I have two jobs...
...which are very different!
Simbol internazional del soccors sanitari
SOS Lambrate
My first job is EMT-B at
SOS Lambrate, an Association affiliated
with A.N.P.As.
Stemma dell'ANPAS
As secondary job, I work at the Policlinico Hospital, where I'm busy at a project for studying rare bleeding disorders.

In order to look like a serious person, here's my curriculum vitae (in Italian).

In my very few free time:

Logo della Rete Civica Milanese
I'm the Moderator of the Forum
Ciciaremm on cicinin
about Milanese dialect on
RCM, the Milan Community Network;
Logo di LiberLiber
I love reading electronic books
and I can find/take them by LiberLiber, the Website
of Project MANUZIO.

That's all, folks!
Write me an
Aeroplanin cont el striscion "e-mail"
I'm answering soon!

Se vedom!


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